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We provide an Indoor Navigation software tool which is completely Hardware, Internet and GPS independent.


How it works


Scan any ARCode placed inside the premises.


Select your destination to reach inside the premises.


Navigate to your destination 
through the directions provided.


Customized intelligence to the bot.

Requires less infrastructure

Accurate analytics on go

Customizable 2D and 3D models

2-D Model

The traditional navigation, where the user movement is shown with the help of a pointer on a 2D map is what we implement in this model.
Customizable 2D Map and pointer design .
Provide the user with analytics such as distance traveled, the number of steps taken and calories burnt.
Customizable heatmaps for every navigation.
Re-Routing (Coming Soon)

3-D Model

With the advancements in the field of Augmented Reality(AR) and Artificial Intelligence(AI), we can help the user navigate with an AI-powered Augmented Reality BoT.
Customizable BoT Design
Provide information about different places and act as customized personal assistant
Advertise in Augmented Reality
Custom heatmaps for advertisements and navigation

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App Store

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